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Engaging with your customers post lockdown

The most important aspect to consider in the post lockdown world for your customers, your business and yourself is that it’s highly likely one or more persons are impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. They have more stress, more online distractions, and ironically less time to devote attention to the opportunity your business presents – how to stay connected with your audience during this time is they key.

We don’t have all the answers, but we’re here to help

Create a landing page for your key selling point and collect customer contacts

A landing page is a simple, one-page website with a specific purpose. For example, if you offer a service to purchase or book online but don’t have an online store, you could try a landing page that catches visitors attention to find out more through an quick subscription form.

The aim of the sign up form on a landing page is to collect customers who want to connect with a real person who can inform them about how the offering will benefit them.

Show your business online with a domain and website

When you’re ready to fully bring your business and brand online, firstly you must purchasing a domain and an engaging website that gives your business its own place to tell your story, to show your ideas.

Get time back in your day – set up automated emails to new customers

There is some great solutions to reduce your time replying to customer enquiries. These can be tailored to your business offerings so If you find you are getting plenty of customer signups, consider the following options

  • set up a welcome automation to let new subscribers know what to expect.
  • send a regular newsletter with business insights, potentially promo codes or limited time offerslet people know they have something worthwhile to look forward to.

Engage and survey customers to find out what they need

Don’t be afraid to be proactive with your customers through a online survey to learn more about what questions they have or what they need. Put yourself in there shoes as a novice who knows nothing about your business.

Make sure you customize the online form to include your brand and give it the right context to be worth a persons time. Then, share the survey in an email and social posts.

Contact us if you need help with any of these suggestions – we can save you a lot of time and value